Stream Your Tennis Matches for Less

Learn how you can live stream matches for colleges and clubs using inexpensive webcams

Top Features

Easy to manage / Inexpensive

This solution is for those without a budget. Even public high schools can afford this!

Operate from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop

Turn cameras on and off and update scores all from your smart phone, tablet, laptop. It runs over the Internet so no software to install or download.

Show Multiple Courts on One Screen

Get a quick glance of all courts on one screen and click to go full screen for the match you came to watch.

Show Scores of the Match

Game scores for the match are updated by someone with a phone onsite and show on the list view to keep people up-to-date.

See Traffic Stats

We connect your public view to Google Analytics so you can see the number attending your events online.

Record Practices and Matches

Recording your practices and matches allows players and coaches to review their performances and make adjustments to athlete's game.


Fun Facts

We Love Watching College Matches...

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Website App


  • Website with Custom URL
  • Multiple streams on a single page
  • Game and Match Scoring
  • Up to 21 Cameras
  • Online Training
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  • 30-Day Billing Cycle
  • Up to 1000 viewers/camera
  • Streaming is 24/7
  • Doubles as Security Monitor
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  • 30-Day Billing Cycle
  • 3 Days Recording
  • You must download within 3 days
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