You can use inexpensive web cameras to allow your parents, alumni, and stake holders to view your sporting events.


The video is streamed over the Internet using streaming servers so that 1000s can view the event.

Delivery to Viewers

We have developed a front end solution to allow your stake holders to view your event with multiple cameras all at an inexpensive price.

Live Tennis Streaming - Tennis Courts

Tennis Streaming for Colleges

How it Works

You purchase an inexpensive IP camera, install it at the site location, get a solid Internet connection to the location and you are set to start streaming.

  • An IP camera supporting RTSP protocol and h.264 codec ideally with a 170 degree viewing angle.
  • An internet connection with appropriate upload speed - depending on your quality demands.
  • An accessible incoming port 554 on your camera: public IP address for camera or port-forwarding on your router.

It really is that easy!

Top Features

Get your IT group to install the cameras and stream your first event today!

Easy to manage / Inexpensive

This solution is for those without a budget. Even public high schools can afford this!

Operate from your smart phone

Turn cameras on and off and update scores all from your smart phone.

Show Multiple Courts on One Screen

Get a quick glance of all courts on one screen and click to go full screen for the match you came to watch.

Show Scores of the Match

Game scores for the match are updated by someone with a phone onsite and show on the list view to keep people up-to-date.

See Traffic Stats

We connect your public view to Google Analytics so you can see the number attending your events online.

Record Practices and Matches

Recording your practices and matches allows players and coaches to review their performances and make adjustments to their game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions.

Just an IP camera with an internet connection. The camera should use a H.264 codec and RTSP streaming protocol. Ideally it will have a viewing angle of 170 degrees.

Most cameras will require standard power. If you don't have power at your location you can get POE cameras and use the Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the camera

Generally, it depends on the quality of the video you would like to stream. The video quality depends on the bit rate which you can set in the admin area of your camera. If your Internet connection is below 0.5 Mbit, switch to Constant bit rate minus 200kbps for overhead. We recommend at least 1 Mbps upload speed per camera. Please note that most broadband connections have asymmetric speed − the upload speed from you (your camera) is slower than the download speed from Internet. For streaming purposes it is important to have proper upload connection. Also, if you have guest WIFI access this will also reduce the actual bandwidth you have available for use and will affect the quality of your stream. Our streaming is only good as the stream you send to us.

Yes! Just purchase outdoor grade cameras. If you need to save money buy one set of outdoor cameras once the weather gets cold move the cameras indoors

Yes, if it meets the requirements - h.264 codec and RTSP streaming protocol. And if the WiFi signal is strong enough. You'll want to test this first!

You bet! It takes all of about 10 seconds to update a score so it will seem like it is real time. It takes 35 seconds to activate 6 cameras once a match starts and a another 35 seconds to disable them after the match.


Our Pricing Makes Streaming Your Live Events Affordable for Anyone!

Silver Package

$100.00 / month

Starter package where you already have cameras, you already have a cloud streaming service provider.

  • 30 Days Live Tennis Cam App and Hosting
  • 30 Days Cloud Streaming
  • 7 Days Cloud Streaming Recording
  • Camera setup support

Need a customized plan ? Get in Touch, we will tailor you one.

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