Any IP camera or Webcam with an internet connection. The camera should use an H.264 codec and Support RTSP streaming protocol.  Ideally, it will have a viewing angle of 170 degrees.

A list of cameras we like!

Luckily most of modern network cameras support h.264 over RTSP, required pre-requisites for connecting your camera.

For best support we require h.264 and RTSP - the industry standards. In the current version, we do support MJPEG cameras as well, even in cloud recording.

Trusted Brands - some of our favorite brands include:

Axis - most of their cameras have the required protocols. They also have a service called AVHS which allows you to connect using "one click" technology. No router configuration is required and with Axis, you always get a quality product with good support, great image quality and configuration options. The price is pretty high on the other hand.

Foscam - Another well known brand which offers good image quality for a good price. The configuration is not that detailed, but it gets the job done for most users. Look for camera models marked 9xxx, the older ones don't support h264 encoding.

Dahua - Currently the world biggest IP camera manufacturer, a wide range of devices for various applications, great value for money. The price of their basic models starts under $99 and it is a good choice for the majority of common applications. Be careful where you buy them, there are frequently unofficially distributed and you can get one with a Chinese firmware with no firmware upgrade option and you might experience some glitches in the settings, etc. Otherwise even these versions work.

Hikvision - Another big manufacturer, it is similar to Dahua with all pros and cons

Vivotek- A well known manufacturer, good quality and acceptable price. Good support.

Sony - Great image quality, some neat features. Higher price

There are many other brands, and generic devices which function perfectly on our site like Samsung, Geovision, AirLive, Bosch, Panasonic, Pelco.

Most cameras will require standard power. If you don't have power at your location you can get POE cameras and use the Power Over Ethernet  (POE) to power the camera.

Generally, it depends on the quality of the video you would like to stream. The video quality depends on the bit rate which you can set in the admin area of your camera. If your Internet connection is below 0.5 Mbit, switch to Constant bit rate minus 200kbps for overhead. We recommend at least <strong>2.5 Mbps upload speed per camera.</strong> Please note that most  broadband connections have asymmetric speed − upload speed from you (your camera) is slower than the download speed from Internet.  For streaming purposes it is important to have proper upload connection. Also, if you have guest WIFI access this will also reduce the actual bandwidth you have available for use and will affect the quality of your stream.  Our streaming is only good as the stream you send to us.

Yes! Just purchase outdoor-grade cameras. If you need to save money buy one set of outdoor cameras once the weather gets cold, move the cameras indoors.

You bet! It takes all of about 10 seconds to update a score so it will seem like it is real-time. It takes 35 seconds to activate 6 cameras once a match starts and a another 35 seconds to disable them after the match.

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